We design them digitally, and for the designing process always use natural tooth shapes without exception. We never use factory formed teeth shapes. Our system of work is perfectly protocoled so that complaints and repairs are almost non-existent, so all our prosthetic works are protected and of high quality.

All cases entering our laboratory go through the same phases of the protocol and each work has a high quality constant. Fixed prosthetics are 90% metal-free. We always use metal-free ceramics for veneers, and for crowns and bridges zircon - complete, partially layered or completely coated, depending on the case. For crowns, we also use metal-free ceramics if the case permits.

All these types of fixed work are designed digitally and therefore it is important to always use natural tooth shapes and thus provide the designed naturalness and individuality. Mobile prosthetics and large implant works are also being designed and planned digitally. Parts that are coated with dental flesh imitation material are made individually to look natural and do not have a "plastic" impression.