Our team consists of experienced dental technicians who actively participate in all creation processes. The principle of our work is based on international standards that are designed by one of the most creative people in our industry.

What makes us different?

Dental Inpuls is inspired by enthusiasm, clear vision and the desire for a better, more quality and more creative work. The vision has come true, and our ambitious team with a high set of goals enables us to bring our organization of work to the highest levels.

We have protocolled our work organization to achieve high-quality results for each patient, and that is something we think they deserve.
Our team's perfect abilities allow us to make every project look and function at the highest possible level.

In just 5 years of business, our work was recognized by some of the most famous brands in the dental industry and they engage by giving us total confidence.
We are proud to say that we have entered the 15 Key Opinion Leader from around the world for AmannGirrbach from Austria for our region in the field of the latest digital technology and materials for dental laboratories, and our work has also been recognized by the Kulzer company from Germany for whom we are engaged in education in the field of their latest dental nonmetal and zircon ceramics.

In addition to this, we have also designed our own project, or innovation called the Impulse Copy of Nature (ICN), where we use only natural tooth shapes and we base every prosthetic case on it and create a unique tooth library that is ready to use.

Our Vision

The entire contents of our website show the vision through which we have developed Dental Inpuls in just 5 years into what we are today and the vision is still present, motivating us to move forward.
Our new goal is to be part of a team that sets global standards in our industry, designs novelties for the long-term delivery of services to patients as well as the development of the industry itself.
With that in mind, we invest in ongoing training and self-development of our team, technology and our business partners.

Our team