Digital Smile Design

We analyze the face of a patient and the specific parameters that we determine on the face, and transfer them to the patient's existing teeth and begin to design the shape, dimensions and position of the future teeth that will almost perfectly match the patient's smile.

DSD is an extremely useful tool for solving all types of cases and ways of making. It can be used for orthodontic therapy, prosthesis production and large-scale implant works, fixed work, veneers, crowns. It is important that the teeth are in the frontal area which makes up most of the smile aesthetics.

This tool is used to plan all types of work and when the patient is not motivated enough for aesthetic surgery for several reasons, to clear up all the doubts and to show him how his future smile will look like, what can or can not be done so that it helps us to make a detailed case analysis. When we use DSD the outcome is foreseeable and there is no reclamation because we are clearly guided from the start and the patient knows exactly what to expect.

DSD is a tool that consists of digital photography, a Key note app on an Apple computer and, most importantly, a technician or a dentist who is designing must know the aesthetic parameters very well and in the cases that are not ideal remain objective and know how to use their experience, knowledge and skills with this tool. When we design a new smile it is important to educate the patient about what is actually nice and natural.

DSD is a tool that will motivate the patient and it enables us predictable results, less stress, fewer reclamations, more favorable service and, most importantly, a satisfied patient.