Dental photography

In Dental Inpuls we have all the necessary photo equipment as well as a photo studio, and besides classical high definition photo work, we also use studio lighting for creating photo presentations that we can use for marketing and presentations and thus help our clients to raise their business to a high level.

Photos also help us track the case from the very beginning to the end so that we can see at any time how the case looked before the start of therapy, which allows us to have no unknowns in the process.

Dental photography not only helps us in the promotion and control of the whole process of making a project, but it also protects us from any unknowns both in the laboratory and in the clinic. Complete photo equipment is not inexpensive and requires additional space and takes some time to learn how to use it, and before you publish your photographs, there is always a little finishing work to be done. As a result, we have decided to provide additional assistance to our dentists and provide them with a complete service of all kinds of photos and save them for marketing promotion or anything else.