ICN+ (Impulse Copy of Nature+) is perfect for persons from the age of 14 and older, young people who have beautiful and healthy teeth that contribute to their appearance, but also older patients who have well-preserved teeth. As many as 90% of people at one point in their lives will be in need of some type of prosthetics work done, for various reasons such as tooth decay, cracking teeth in the event of an accident or while playing sports, dental extraction for health reasons and damage to teeth when cleaning caries

Replacing and producing beautiful teeth, especially in the smile region, is a great stress for both technicians and dentists and when the situation calls for asking your dentist for prosthetic work that will be perfectly made, look completely natural and in harmony with your face features, we give you the opportunity to get exactly the same teeth as they once were, back during their best days.
Who will benefit most from our service:
- children and young people who most often break or damage their teeth in various activities
- professional athletes who may get into accidents while playing sports
- Elderly people who need prosthetic work done and want to have the same teeth they once had but have forgotten what they used to look like and don't have them documented in a way that will help the technician clone the same shape
- people who know that they have beautiful teeth, which contribute to their appearance, and care how the potential situation with prosthetics will be solved in the future (models, actors, singers...generally public figures)
- people who want an exact teeth shape copy of a person they know and would love to have their smile.

With ICN + technology, the shape of your teeth will be thoroughly documented and stored in our files, but also handed over to you.
The entire procedure is completely painless and lasts for as little as 10 minutes but will give you security for all the times to come.