Dentorium is a private, specialized Aesthetic Dental Studio and Implantology Center, that has opened its doors in Rijeka, in 2006. It is offering high standard dentistry services and prosthetic solutions, covering all dental treatments. They are specialized in aesthetic dentistry, implantology and quality.

Dentorium cures and rehabilitates smiles, whether in keeping them healthy, or creating a brand new authentic smile, by copying the best designer, Nature.

Their inspiration and passion are creating, and revealing, an ideal, individual smile, which expresses and unifies the inner and outer experience of the patient. Minimally invasive, innovative approach to dentistry, based on visual communication, dedication to full experience of the patient, motivate their constant growth, in work and life.

Since the very beginning Dentorium is dedicated to the highest quality of service, thus having their name known by happy, smiling patients.

Worldly standards, aspiring for excellence and proficiency, constant education and complex dental solutions are met with love for what they do, in always-inspiring adventure of making and revealing an experience of beauty, in a smile.

Case in collaboration with Dental Inpuls laboratory

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