We made this case with a completely translucent zirconia that we layered with ceramics thick only 0.6 mm. 
After the developed temporary prototype, we came to the conclusion, in cooperation with Dr. Ivan Šarunić, that for the definitive solution we use the translucent high-strength zirconia.
Given that the translucent zirconic structure fulfilled all the conditions in this case, it was sufficient to reduce the zirconium material to a thickness of 0.6 mm, to create a space for dental ceramics.
In this way, we have retained the zirconia strength and the color value of the final result, which is very important in achieving the definitive aesthetics.

This case was executed by:

Dr. Ivan Šarunić (iDentic studio)
Dt. Mauro Ahmić, Dt. Sandi Trkulja (Dental Inpuls)


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