Wax up / Mock up 

The first phase and a MOCK UP (a template for future prosthetic work)

With the help of a diagnostic WAX UP, a mock-up is developed (testing to see how the implant fits in the mouth) and then we are able to predict the potential situation in future work which then allows us to come up with a solution even before we start working on the final product. This process assists us in avoiding any possible correction work which takes away precious time and decreases the quality of our work.  

Digital Smile Design

Digital planning according to the patient’s facial features. 

Digital Smile Design is in its entirety relying on modern photographic, computer and video technology, that provides the dentist with all necessary information (such as the sketch of an ideal smile, instructions and which steps to take on further work which may include any orthodontic, microsurgical, prosthetic and other treatments).

Digital Smile Design

Digitally planned prosthetic rehabilitation 


Case prepared for laboratory production. 

In the cervical part of the tooth, the preparation ended with a rounded step according to the guidelines for lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. 

Creation of individual zircon upgrades on the implants with the help of CAD/CAM systems.

Testing the individual abutment in the mouth. 

Model of natural teeth as an idea for molding of morphological characteristics of future work.

Crowns are ready to be tested. 

We kept a suitable character of the teeth alongside the harmony of soft and hard tissues. 

The smile line and the position of the teeth are perfectly aligned. 

This case was executed by:

Dr.med.dent. Daniel Žgombić (Dentorium)
Dr.med.dent. Tijana Brajković (Dentorium)

Dt. Mauro Ahmić, Dt. Sandi Trkulja (Dental Inpuls)

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