At Dental Inpuls each work is based on ICN (Impulse Copy of Nature) - a digital concept which we created for our needs. ICN digital concept is based on the copy of natural teeth. 

Almost every dental technician has their own style of making teeth, but the main point is to focus on the individuality of each person. By incorporating different styles we move away from nature and in order to avoid this problem, we have created the concept of copying natural teeth which we then input the data in the software and manufacture those teeth. It is key that the copy of teeth isn’t modified within the software, but they need the keep their original shape. 

ICN consists of three phases:
1. phase - making a copy of the patient’s teeth, which are untouched 
2. phase - if the patient’s teeth are not eligible to be copied, then we use other natural teeth which would fit the aesthetic of the patient
3. phase - in case we don’t have enough natural teeth stored in the software and we’re unable to find the right fit - we have developed three types of teeth according to the globally known perception of aesthetic, which are the American, European and Asian style; with these three sets of teeth we can solve any case really fast. 

American style is characterized by uneven morphology and surface, regular setup and bright colouring.  

The European style is recognizable by being more moderate and the most natural of styles. Regular morphology and surface, individual setup and colouring are present. 

The Asian style represents strong and at times extreme morphology and surface with rotations in the setup with strong colouring effects. 

While using the ICN digital concept it is key to use a different sets of teeth at the same time.

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