The patient was dissatisfied with the size, color and rotation of her teeth. She didn’t want orthodontic therapy that would last long, but she wanted to solve her problem as soon as possible, which required prosthetic work on the zircon.
In order to place the teeth in an ideal sequence, we had to reduce their dimensions while maintaining the visual character of the person. We came to the solution using DSD planning technique (Digital Smile Design). To make sure it was possible to perform what we had planned with DSD, we first made a prototype (temporary teeth), which we tested in the patient’s mouth. The result proved successful with minimal corrections.
For a definitive solution, we used zirconium dioxide which we layered with ceramics to get all the aesthetic details needed to ensure naturalness.
In this case, as many before, we got the shape of the teeth using natural shapes in CAD software.

This case was executed by:

Ortonova (Dr. Ana Mihajić Kravanja, Dr. Ivana Vidaić Pličić)
   Dental Inpuls (Mauro Ahmić, Sandi Trkulja, Karla Rumac, Stefany Miculinić)

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