In this case, the patient already had perfect teeth and smile, but she still felt it needed refreshing and restoration.
With proper education, we were able to convince her that she didn’t need to go into prosthetic work to brighten up her smile.
We proceeded with DSD planning, a wax-up and mock-up by copying her existing teeth. This way, the patient realized that there were no significant changes when prosthetic work is implemented and that she could refresh her appearance and smile with much milder interventions.
In this case, we were also able to make a copy of the patient’s teeth, so if one day she needs prosthetics work done, due to different types of damage to her teeth, we can make them identical to the ones she has now.

This case was executed by:

Prodental (Dr. Robert Vukman)
Dental Inpuls (CDT. Mauro Ahmic, CDT. Sandi Trkulja)

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