The patient wanted to brighten the look of her smile, and her desire was to achieve that change and refreshment by changing her first four teeth. However, it was explained to her that a change for the better and a refreshing smile cannot be achieved with only four teeth, but that we must grasp all the teeth that are visible when smiling. This required prosthetic surgery on ten teeth in the upper jaw.
First, we planned everything digitally and then made a digital wax-up that the dentist transferred to the patient’s mouth. In this way we received confirmation that it is really necessary to grasp all ten teeth in the upper jaw and we agreed with the patient in what direction we should go further. We were also able to identify where we had made mistakes when planning so that we could correct mistakes on definitive work.
We made the definitive work with nonmetal ceramics, which we layered to achieve maximum naturalness.

This case was executed by:

Pro Dental (Dr. Robert Vukman)
Dental Inpuls (Mauro Ahmić, Sandi Trkulja, Karla Rumac)

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