With good teamwork with the dentist who adequately prepared the case and gave us all the necessary information, we successfully solved this case very simply from one attempt.

First, we made a prototype from "plastic" (temporary) material and tested it in the mouth.
The doctor made minor repairs in her mouth according to aesthetic criteria and passed on all the information to us.
In this way, we were able to literally achieve the desired result immediately.

Good understanding of materials, aesthetic and functional criteria, strong skills, adherence to our protocols, excellent results are achieved immediately, the patient has fewer visits, which saves our and the patient's time and money.

This case was executed by:

Ortonova (Dr. Ivani Vidajić)
Dental Inpuls (Mauro Ahmić, Sandi Trkulja, Stefany Miculinić, Antonija Vuković)

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