This case was made by completely copying the patient's teeth. By doing that, we have fully achieved natural harmony and aesthetics.
We copied the patient's teeth that were satisfying in form and adjusted them to the patient's wishes, function and aesthetic criteria.
First, we have created a temporary prototype that is very similar to the future definitive solution. That way, the patient is gradually getting accustomed to new changes.
On the same design we then create a minimum space (0.2-0.4 mm) for ceramic on the labial (front) planes of the zirconium structure. By doing that, we save the dimensions and shape of the tooth we copied. Likewise, this way of making a zirconium structure is the mildest to teeth of the opposite jaw, and the work is protected from cracking and any mechanical damage.

This case was executed by:

Dr. Ivan Šarunić (iDentic studio)
Dt. Mauro Ahmić, Dt. Sandi Trkulja (Dental Inpuls)

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