We held another intensive workshop in our laboratory on the topic of monolithic zircon crowns. The emphasis was on the selection of natural tooth shapes in the software, fine surface structuring after machining and after sintering of AmannGirrbach HT + (1000 MPa) zirconium crowns.
In the second part of the workshop, we focused on staining monolithic crowns with MIYO liquid ceramics to achieve maximum naturalness.

These workshops are intended for all dentists and dental technicians who want to improve their knowledge and understanding about monolithic zirconia crowns of all types of zirconium dioxide.


  • dental clinics that have an internal dental laboratory in their system
  • dental centers that provide zirconia crown machining services
  • dental laboratories that have scanners in their system, without the possibility of machine production
  • dental laboratories that are fully digitally equipped
  • dental laboratories that use a digital design and machining service, outside of their laboratory
  • all dental technicians
  • all dentists

This type of workshop is adapted for a minimum of four or a maximum of six participants, where we discover all the tricks of how to achieve excellent naturalness from a monolithic material, a combination of natural teeth, software design, surface structuring and staining of monolithic crowns.

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